HealthVive is your lifetime health app. You can enter health information and save it with your medical record; and you can set up your own health team by adding your real doctor, dentist and other specialists. When you need assistance you can use the app to speak to them via video or messaging and send them notes. You can also book an appointment to visit them, ask for a second opinion or for a referral to a specialist who may be able to help. So, use HealthVive to manage your health at home and keep it with you when you are away for that extra peace of mind.

Live better with HealthVive, your personal digital healthcare assistant.

We've made it quicker and easier for you to get the healthcare you need. Simply download the HealthVive app and register; add trusted contacts like your GP, dentist, physio or even your sports coach; then, occasionally add notes about your health and lifestyle. When you do become ill or need advice, use the app to contact your doctor or specialist and to send your notes so that they can help.


We believe you should have more control of the care you are offered; it’s about knowing what is going on and being able to do something about it. With HealthVive you can stay in contact with your carer to ensure that notes and instructions are sent quickly to each of them so that they can make quicker decisions and give you the best treatment. Now your doctor can notify you with your results or an update and you can prompt them if there is a delay or you are concerned.


Instant messaging and Video consultations
Contact your carer when you need them through HealthVive's Video and instant messaging service. If you are waiting for treatment or after you have had treatment you can stay in touch. Describe your symptoms or how you feel. Ask for advice.
Know your health with instant access to your health records, letters and reports
HealthVive notifies you the moment your doctor sends you a letter, diagnosis or appointment. At your fingertips is everything you need to know about your current illness or medical history.
Track and follow your treatment plan
Use HealthVive to manage your illness. View your treatment plan and schedule, and use your HealthVive Calendar to mark dates for your appointments, set reminders and more.
Healthcare beyond treatment

Access a range of therapies and help beyond your standard treatment for a more comfortable healthcare experience. Perhaps a specialist to help with your nutrition, relaxation or pain management, or someone to help at home or talk to you, we make easier to find someone who can help.


Please contact us to find out more and so that we can keep you up to date on news and features and get you started with the Healthvive app.